Oil and Gas Services: 

EEI has designed several disposal facilities for a major oil and gas company in the North Texas region.  The projects are Greenfield Salt Water Disposal Facilities and include engineering, layout and design for over-the-road truck offloading and pipeline fed processing equipment.  Each site has been designed to handle between 20 – 25,000 barrels per day of produced water.  Holding tank design and oil separation equipment, coupled with the mechanical and piping systems for high-pressure injection and overall environmental containment structures have been designed and placed into production for major companies.  Pad site planning and design, grading and erosion control, detention pond design, drainage area evaluations, cost estimates for potential projects, retaining wall design, specialty equipment structure design and modification, existing plant modifications and other services can be performed for new or existing pad sites. 

Aggregate and Mining Industries: 

Our design group has extensive knowledge and experience in greenfield site layouts or specific processing circuit modifications in existing facilities.  EEI also offers existing operational reviews to assist customers with increasing utilization and improving overall plant profitability by improving the saleable product matrix.  

Engineering experience includes: 

  • New chute work design and modifications to existing circuits
  • Installation of new processing equipment (Primary crushers to Truck / Rail Load Out)
  • Surge Tunnel Upgrades
  • New conveyor circuits (Fixed and Radial)
  • Fractionated Sand Plant Layout and Overall Package Design
  • Raw Material Load Out Silos
  • Equipment Support Structures Design and Installation
  • Pump and Piping Design
  • Rail track layout and offloading circuits
  • Garnet crushing and sizing facility
  • Auxiliary / Support Building and Office Design 


Ready Mix Concrete Facilities and Material Handling:

Mr. Eyeington began work out of college at an international concrete and aggregate company.  During that time period and continuing today, he has been involved with the following engineering and construction projects:

  • Complete concrete facility site layout and design
  • Feasibility and costing studies for new facilities or relocation
  • Structural and mechanical design for concrete recycler systems
  • Process water pit system design and layout for recycled water usage
  • Water, Cement, and Aggregate batcher designs
  • Batch Plant Conversions (Wet to Dry Batch or vice versus)
  • Silo frame and support foundations
  • Yard paving and concrete structures for stockpile retention
  • Tilt-wall structures for offices 
  • Bagging circuits for bulk handling systems
  • Component replacement / upgrades
  • Turn heads and rotary chutes design


Renewable Energies:

EEI has been involved with structural and civil design phases for methane gas extraction and processing a regional landfill.  Additionally, layout and design work has been performed in the glass recycling industry.  Areas of Focus include:

  • Structural foundations for pre-engineered metal building and bridge crane
  • Structural steel pipe racks and supports
  • Concrete foundations for processing equipment
  • Site grading 
  • Candle stick flare extensions and rehabilitation
  • Compressor and Oxidizer foundations
  • Process piping layout and support structures
  • Heavy equipment leveling and grouting design

Manufacturing and Process:

EEI expertise includes the specialized work in layout, design and engineering for cranes and crane ways.  Specifically, jib, mono-rail, tower, gantry, top running and under hung cranes have been utilized in various industrial applications in numerous projects by EEI.

Other client requested work such as blast resistant and fragment design projects have been performed, fabricated and placed into production.  Unique and one-off equipment and tool design work has also been designed and placed into service by EEI.

EEI also specialized in the layout design of industrial building systems as required by the Client’s needs. 


 Civil/Site Structures:

EEI has experience and can provide the following engineering services on the construction projects listed below.

  • Private Dams, Spillways and Low Water Crossings
  • Retaining walls
    • Concrete
    • Timber
    • Rockery
    • Stone / Masonry Facade
    • Segmental or Proprietary Blocks
    • Wire fabric
  • Sign and light pole foundations
  • Free-standing enclosures and trellises
  • Entry monuments and screen walls
  • Mass Earthworks and water retaining structures

Commercial / Residential Projects:

  • Reinforced Concrete Pavement Design and rehabilitation
  • TxDOT Approaches
  • Storm Shelters and Safe Rooms
  • Outdoor Structures
  • Stamped Concrete
  • PEMB foundation design
  • Building Remodeling

Blast Design:

  • Design of Structural Enclosures for Blast Pressure and Fragment Containment
  • Storm and Safe Room Design